About Just Plantful

Just Plantful is a Vegan Lifestyle blog. On here you will find easy ,family friendly plant based recipes, tips for a holistic lifestyle and parenting information for the modern day Vegan family.

About Me

I am a mom of two teenage daughters, a beautiful husky rescue named Calliah, and a not so fluffy cat named Fluffy. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator with over 25 years experience working with children, and I also have a degree in Child and Youth Work.

As long as I can remember I have had a love for animals. As a child I often brought home stray or wounded animals .My parents are great outdoor enthusiasts. I spent much of my childhood on outdoor adventures including many weekends at log cabin in the wilderness that my parents built using the trees on the land. There wasn’t even running water, electricity and most certainly no WiFi in our “cottage” can you imagine that! In my teens I read a book about animal testing and was shocked to discover what animals endure for the sake of beauty products and research. This prompted many years following a vegetarian diet.

It wasn’t until my thirties that I started a Vegan diet. I felt great and actually lost a lot of weight without much effort. I had an abundance of energy to keep up with my young daughters. Unfortunately I stopped following a vegan diet for quite some time even though I still had a passion for animals and nature. I had become disconnected, and like most people in our modern day world I fell into the habit of easy convenient on the go foods for the busy parent life of work, and transporting children to extra curricular activities. I was tired, stressed and unhappy.

Last fall I had an A-HA moment. I was driving with my daughter and saw something that just made things click. On the side of the road in a little gravel parking lot was a produce stand selling corn. Beside the parking lot was a field with some cows. As we drove by there was a cow standing at the fence by the produce stand, the cow was watching the people at the stand intently and with curiosity. It was that moment that I really thought about the connection between this beautiful curious animal and the package of “meat” neatly wrapped at the grocery store are one in the same. I made a decision then to consciously chose to live a life that does not hurt other sentient beings.

Over the past few years I have shared many vegan foodie creations on social media. I love taking pictures of beautiful vegan food, and capturing photos of the great outdoors. I decided that a blog would be a great way to share ways to live a Just Plantful life!